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Various Character designs

Various Character designs

by cooperpeck51 on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

these are a collection of various characters i've designed over the past year I could say I'm proud of.

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these current characters were designed for a hypothetical 2d platformer with undead and nordic themes, I wanted each character to exhibit a trait of death, be it rot, possession, muscular system or ghostly.

my first character for this was the main character, a disembodied head possessing dead soldiers.

This next one was a boss battle based on the Orcadian mythical creature the nuckelavee, which exhibit exposed flesh and roamed the beach, i wanted it to show the more torn muscular system and shredded up appearance as well as the red hot burning skin.

The other boss was a spector like being called the prisoner, and acts as a spirit roaming the dungeons, disguised as the chains on the prison ceiling, this went through a few more changes than the others and had much more of a sketching process.

This was a previous character design from 2020, part of a design course, in which the idea was to design a dwarf character.

This next character is a mix-up of inspiration, based on the style of inkblotting as well as being based off a black seadevil anglerfish, this character is more for fun and experimentation with poses and expressions.

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