BOTW art style Charizard

BOTW art style Charizard

aroun mahdi
by Daagnir on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, i'm student character artist and this is my first participation to the rookies, i tried to do a BOTW version of Charizard

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a little challenge i have gived to me, tring to do a pokemon in the breath of the wild art style, not only by making an hand painted textures but reimagining the design to correspond to botw art style

i started with a block of the original charizard and then i changed his shape to create something more detailed

for the uvs and textures, I did 3 uv map for the model and played with substance paint's generator and filter to create a hand-painted style

and finally, i did the render in blender (first image) and marmoset

     -Thanks for your attention-

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