Winners announced for Rookie Awards 2021
2D Character Design

2D Character Design

Llewellyn Buchanan
by naok on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Work from my studies at CDW Studios, along with a personal piece.

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The Hunter of Angels

This ferocious demon broke free of his heaven-cast chains, turning them into symbols and jewellery for expression. He takes the feathers off of angels he defeats and uses them to create a protective layer of clothing far lighter than full plate would be.

A Bound God

Sight is a god of knowledge who had been unwillingly bound to a human form. He seeks to find those who wronged him and ensure they fix what they had done to him.

The Ninja of the Fluorescent City

This Anonymous ninja's identity is unknown, along with their motives. What is known is that they stalk the Corporate sector of the city, looking for something or someone.

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