Alicia Pérez's works

Alicia Pérez's works

Alicia Pérez Martínez
by arrosarts on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

In this entry you would found my best works at the moment, concept art and digital painting related.

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Siara, the space pirate. 

Character design worked in universty. I has a small briefing in which i had to create a character that discovers something. In my case i did Siara, who discovers a mermaids' nest

Character presentation with silhouettes, color variations and character studies

Mermaids' nest, Final render

This is the prop created that Siara founds. These are some eggs with mermaids in different states of growth. Also designed a closed and an opened version of the prop.

Prop studies and color variation

Splash Art of Michelle from the game "Project IV: Labyrinth" for Clygames

Stilization work made in class. I had to variate the same tree in different styles. The styles are cartoon, semi-realistic and realistic.

Digital painting and rendering studiy of eyes.

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