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by MattBaileyGameDev on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Lunertia is a narrative heavy first-person shooter based on the moon. You play as George Bennings, a veteran of the Great War, now on the run in the city of Eclipse. You’ll need to use an arsenal of weapons, as well as gravity itself, to get yourself off this space rock before it’s the death of you.

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Lunertia is a fast paced, narrative heavy First-Person Shooter set in an art deco inspired city on the surface of the moon. You play George, a man on the run from the private security of Tyrail and the enforcers of the local mafia. Use guns and gravity to outwit your opponents in an all-out rush to get off the moon.

Watch the trailer below to see for yourself!

Here's a link to our team's page where the game can be downloaded and played for free!

Lunertia is a project created by Pneumatic Productions, a team of students from Falmouth University all within our third year. We are a team of 16 students and we developed Lunertia over a period of 9 months, from September 2020 - May 2021.

Here are the team's names and all of our roles in the project:

The Team of Pneumatic Productions:


Klara Dahlner Lindskoug – Animator

Joseph James-Rikona - Animator


Charlotte Kimberly Andreassen – Graphics Designer/Character, Environment & Concept Artist

Arran M Burford – Weapons & Prop Artist

Huy (Hugo) Hoang – Character & Concept Artist

Matthew Lister – Environment & Concept Artist

Josie Matthews – 2D/UI/Concept Artist

Alex Reely - Environment Artist

Tyler Thorne – Character & Concept Artist


Matthew Bailey – Project Management/Level Designer/Audio Designer/Audio Production

Joshua Coombes – Systems Designer

Reece Cradock – Systems Designer/Junior VFX Artist

Jess Mains – Environment/Level Designer


Callum Addy - Programmer


Nathan Johnson – Narrative Designer/Social Media Manager

Voice Acting

Jonny Finn – George Bennings (Protagonist)

Nathan Johnson – Walter Harrison (Antagonist) & Audio Logs

Rose Broughton – Tyrail Guards

Matthew Bailey – Audio Logs

Arran Burford – Audio Logs

Reece Cradock – Audio Logs

Joseph James-Rikona – Audio Logs

Jess Mains – Audio Logs

Anthony Mcaspurn – Audio Logs

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