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Croc Character Animation Reel

Croc Character Animation Reel

by JoeCarter on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Part of multiple assignments working with a rig supplied by CDW. We had an introduction to gameplay cycles. In this I included my characters Idle animation, his reload and finally an 'Overwatch' inspired intro animation.

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For the Idle animation I made sure to pay attention to the minor controls on the rig and focus on subtle secondary action to keep the character alive. 

In the reload I wanted to create a nice line of action for the viewer to follow by using the cannon ball. I made the character lead the viewer with his eyes and followed motion controls to create a nice arc for the slam gesture. 

For my character introduction I wanted to give the Croc a fun, lively, unhinged vibe. I used exaggerated belly rolls and expression through his facial features as most of the camera work was close up shots. Animating the aim camera was the most crucial part of this scene. To create the "explosion" I animated 'special shape' polygons along with polygon planes. 

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