Passion for Detail and Photorealism by Kaan Yilmaz

Passion for Detail and Photorealism by Kaan Yilmaz

Kaan Yilmaz
by KaanYil99 on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Welcome to my Rookie Awards entry, I am excited to present you my best projects that I created during my education at PIXLVISN media arts academy. I am really passionate about creating photreal shots with up close details. Thats why I chose to specialize in Lighting, Lookdev and Texturing.

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I came up with this idea by simply watching a music video from a german rapper. I saw

this cinematic-looking close up shot of his grillz and really liked it. So I decided to recreate this shot from the music video.

It was really important looking at my references all the time, especially when I started painting the base color in Mari. Most of the time I looked at close up shot frome the music video beacuse I really wnated to recreate it as close as possible. But still other references were need to notice other base color variations and breakups of the human skin.

After I collected all my references I started creating my gum and teeth in ZBrush. I used the teeth as a guideline for my grillz, which I modeled in Maya and sculpted some details in ZBrush.
For the head I used the Nick model inside ZBrush as a starting point. I did not sculpt any details at this point because most of them were created inside Mari using TextureXYZ displacement scans.
After I painted my displacements in Mari I did an oversculpt in ZBrush.
Then I exported as many utility maps as possible for my base color and checked my displacement in Maya.
After I nailed the displacement I started painting some "Multi Channel Face Scans" from TextureXYZ to have a starting point for the albedo. These scans also provided additional utility maps (Hemoglobin, Melanin and Specular).
Then I made a color palette and started to breakup everything using many proceduals in Mari. I also created  a Subsurafce, Specular, Coat Map and many Isolation Masks for the Lookdev in Maya.
During the Lookdev process I used a lot of Isolation Masks and tried to match my render with the references. I created many AOVs so I still have a non destructive workflow in Compositing.
Everything was rendered with Redshift which took me a little bit less then 1h per frame.

Maps painted in Mari

Mari - Base Color Painting

Hypershade - Skin Material

The hardest part during this project for me was painting the displacement. You basically have to use a hard brush and still get smooth transitions between the displacement maps in order to make it look good. Also your painting should not look "lowres" and has some flow. I have never done a displacement paint like this before so it was something like trial and error at the beginning. But after a while I understood how it should look like.


Animation was done by Florina Minea and Rigging by Miria Kutzner.


The idea of this project was basically to recreate my father´s car paint shop.
So I decided to visualize the environment and add a car as the main focus.


In order to visualize the enivornment I went to the car paint shop and spent an hour taking as many pictures as possible. It was important for me to recoginze some details of the real car paint shop in my animation. I also collected some references for the car to match everything as close as possible.

I started blocking the environment and created some cameras so I can see where I have to add more details.
After I spent some time modeling everything and added some props from turbosquid to fill in empty spaces.
I also added the car model and after the modeling process was done I started creating the car paint material.
To spare some time I created every texture in Maya´s hypershade using projection methods and proceduals. So I did not have to unwrap anything and spare some time.
For the lighting I wanted to create a more dark environment in a way that the bright yellow car can be in focus.
I used some light linking techniques to separate the light setup from the car with the one from the environment.
I also tried to give the car more shape and a unique look with some specular highlights and breakups.
At the end I seperated the car from the enivornment using render layers in maya and exported as many aovs as possible to have everything I need in Compositing.

Bombay Gin

For my third and last project I decided to make a CG-Integration of a Bombay Gin.

I started filming this shot with a blackmagic camera in my kitchen.
The biggest problem I had was that you really need to have a good HDRI from your enviornment to get real reflections in you CG-Render but I did not have a 360° Camera for that. So I improvised and used just my phone and the Google Street View app to take a 360 image of my kitchen. It did not look that nice so I used photoshop to fix some important parts of the image.
After I had all my footage I started tracking it in Nuke and importing the tracked camera inside Maya.
I did a Lookdev Turntable of the Bombay Gin to see if it looks realistic in different lighting situations.

After that I rendered everything using Maya and Redshift and fixed some issues like the shadow of the Gin in Comp.
Finally I exported everything into Davinci Resolve and did some Color Grading.

Lookdev - Turntable

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