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Dieselpunk 9mm SMG

Dieselpunk 9mm SMG

by JonathonJTrice on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

For an assignment this year, I modeled a dieselpunk SMG. However, I wanted to expand my visual storytelling skills, so I created four different versions with four different owners. Modeled in Maya. Textured in Substance Painter.

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The first gun belongs to a civilian. No slogans on the gun, and the weathering's more from general wear and tear than fighting in one place for a prolonged time.

The second gun's from a soldier. Its been through a bit of dirt, but the owner knows when and how to clean it. At some point, they added a small stock and front grip. A serial number and some personal writings have been etched into the gun.

The third gun is from a pocket of countryside rebels. In addition to putting tape on the handle of the gun, they've also taped up the magazine to improve its use as an improvised vertical grip. The propaganda etched and painted onto the body has aged, save for a recent addition illustrating a possible change in focus for the rebellion.

The final gun's from an inner-city pocket of rebels. The dust cover's been removed for a better sight picture. The owner's made several etchings on both the body and the grip. It's been poorly maintained, and the extensive grease and dirt threaten to jam the gun.

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