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Game Animation Demo Reel - Rachel Clinton

Game Animation Demo Reel - Rachel Clinton

Rachel Clinton
by rachelclinton on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My game animation demo reel for 2021. All work was completed as a student at SCAD. The reel includes a hero locomotion, fight sequence, idle cycle animation, FPS Shoot Reload and Inspect, and a 3 Hit Combo.

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My game animation demo reel for 2021.  All of this work was produced at SCAD.  The reel features a walk, run, and sprint cycle for a hero character, a fight sequence, an idle cycle with a twitch, a FPS shoot reload and inspect, and a 3 hit combo.  

The hero locomotion was inspired by hockey players.  I studied the different ways that the players would maneuver across the ice and how I could bring that into the personality of my characters in the way he moves as he goes faster.  

For the fight sequence, I was heavily inspired by Jedi's from Star Wars.  I love the variety in their movements and thought it would be fun to try a more complicated sequence.  I gathered reference from an expert martial artist who specializes in lightsaber tricks.  I loved the way the wave principle is shown in the video and used that as my main inspiration.  

The idle animation cycle was inspired by ninjas.  Based on the rig, I wanted to match her character by creating a stealthy and ready for action type of idle, and then added in a twitch where she looks around ready to pounce.  

The FPS Shoot Reload was a really fun exercise.  I wanted a faster reload and was inspired by futuristic laser guns for the blast effects and sounds.  I took reference of myself playing with my Nerf guns to get the timing down.  

Lastly is the 3 Hit Combo.  I used the same character as I used in the idle animation, so I wanted to keep the personality of the character consistent.  For her fighting moves, I imagined her to incorporate martial arts, ninjas moves, and tricking into one.  I gathered multiple sources of reference and compiled them to create a sequence of moves that I imagined she would perform in an attack.  I also created the texture for the dummy bag.  

Thanks for watching!  If you'd like to see more of my process and work, here is my website:

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