SMG for VR

SMG for VR

Ruben Schellekens
by RubenSchellekens on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A realistic sub machine gun made for VR

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SMG for VR project

This SMG is a personal project of mine, I worked on it when I had some free time left and I am happy with the result up till now. 

I started this project with just the silhouette of a stylized looking gun but decided to make it look more realistic. By itterating in Autodesk Maya I have made what you see here now. 
I used multiple real life guns as reference for the design while itterating like the P90 and the MP7.

Now I am working on making it work in VR

Wireframe of the gun in Autodesk Maya

And of course the gun testing in VR, It does not shoot yet but I am planning to make that happen in the future.

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