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Oliver Fayers  - Entry 2021

Oliver Fayers - Entry 2021

Oliver Fayers
by OliverFayers on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A collection of characters I made from my placement and final year at university.

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Game Development Submission 

This submission is split into 6 sections. Each section displays a unique project designed to showcase various skillsets and passions relevant to 3D character creation with the goal to prove my ambitions to join this industry. The contents of each section include:

Section 1 - The Stranded Astronaut

This project's aim was to create a Spacesuit, focusing on hard-surface modelling whilst blending it with intricate clothing produced in Marvelous Designer. Resulting in a 1950s retro-inspired spaceman.

Section 2 - The Protest Soldier

The goal here was to faithfully create a 3D character based on someone's 2D concept art. Exploring the creation of a realistic afro using hair cards along with following the full character creation pipeline.

Section 3 - Anatomy of Ageing

Images from the dissertation product. Looking at the anatomy of the face and how it changes due to the process of ageing. Linking it to the character creation process.

Disclaimer: The next characters were made within team projects - please judge only the individual elements I created, to fit within the judgment criteria.

Section 4 - Creatures And Characters Made For Unity Game

A 4 player cooperative twin-stick shooter set in a sci-fi influenced wild west land. Payloaders is a game created by myself and 5 friends for a university team project module. I was responsible for making 2 out of 4 playable characters, along with the enemy insects and a collection of props.

Team members details can be found on the products page through my profile.

Section 5 - Creatures And Characters Made For UE4 Game

Placement year found me and 7 other teammates create a stylised 3D platformer in Unreal Engine 4. I was Responsible for the game's protagonists (Mira & The Wisp), various antagonists (main villain, tech worm, & some enemies), many skins, outsider Viking villagers, and co-developing the enemy AI Behavior Trees.

Team members details can be found on the products page through my profile.

Section 6 - Game Jams

Finishing off with a small showcase of recent game jams I have participated in. From GMTK to Ludum Dare. Characters made for some fun experimental titles made within 72 hours.  


1 -The Stranded Astronaut

check out the development journal:

2 - The Protest Soldier 

For full research & development process, check out my journal here:

Concept Art By Ian Barker:

3 - Anatomy of Ageing 

4 -  Creatures And Characters Made For Unity  Game 

5 - Creatures And Characters Made For UE4  Game

6 - Game Jams 

GMTK 72 Hour Game Jam 2020

Keycap espionage. I was responsible for all characters.

Submission Page:

Ludum Dare 47

Stop the nuclear meltdown before it's too late. I was responsible for the character and some props.

Submission Page:

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