Project "Parallel" - Vehicle Art

Project "Parallel" - Vehicle Art

Kristin Nikolaeva Naydenova
by kristinnay on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

In this entry, I will present to you my contribution to the BUas project "Parallel" as an environment/prop artist.

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"Parallel" a BUas university project - Vehicle Art

A second year project (4 months), in which we had to pitch a concept, research and create a demo of a game based on set criteria. 

As a prop/environment artist my task was to create a set of vehicles based on various characteristics such as speed, balance and acceleration. This is my work and I hope you enjoy it!

Standard vehicle

The purpose of the standard vehicle was to welcome new players to the game. I had to convey that characteristic visually by creating an asset that represented a balance between speed and control.

I created several different playable variations (skins) for the Standard vehicle, using Substance Painter as a main software for the task.
I have applied the same approach to the rest of the vehicles.

Fast Vehicle 

The fast vehicle was a small and quick ship that combined speed and maneuver.
I interpreted that trait by creating a smaller and more aggressive looking vehicle with sharp edges and dynamic shapes. 
For inspiration I looked into Gundam.

Heavy Vehicle

The heavy vehicle is characterized with fast speed and momentum, but is considerably harder to navigate by the pilot.
I decided to make this vehicle bigger than the rest and bulkier to represent the traits of a powerful, but heavy machine.

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