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Character Concept Art and Story Telling

Character Concept Art and Story Telling

calvin webb
by calvinwebb on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A large array of university and personal projects, showcasing my characters from various genres, world settings and game styles. You will find vibrant yet disturbing creature designs, as well as snapshots full of story and depth.

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The Multiverse Project

In a world of parallel dimensions, people live infinitely in every universe. There are those known as 'Hoppers' who exist in only one plane, granting them innate abilities to jump between worlds and gather new powers to fight against interdimensional beings known as Legions. These beasts are born of the negative will of humans, a person who forces their way through other universes to consume their alternate self. Here I have a characters, creature design, a comic-esque story and UI designs.



UI Skill Tree and Map

Some exploration and visualisation for how the destruction caused by one Legion can have a butterfly effect on the surrounding universes. This was inspired by the previous work I planned for a skill tree, one mimicking the universe.

Bloodborne Inspired Work

A personal project in which I designed a character and creature that could fit into a similar world setting of dark horrors and mysterious entities. Maggie is a magic wielding NPC who specialises in fungus and parasites, usually quite playful though is known to be erratic at times. The giant worm is one of his prized possessions, a creature he's raised from an egg. This worm stores his other zombified minions inside of the sacks along its body.

Project: Hera

In a post-apocalyptic world setting where humans no longer walk the Earth, but are stored as embryos instead. A global AI is in charge of the manufacturing of robotic caretakers to bond with a synthetic-copy of a single embryo, raising the bond between them until it is deemed worthy of caring for an actual human. 

Monster Hunter Creature

A beautiful and deadly swamp wyvern, ambushing its prey by divebombing through the tree canopy and slicing hunters in half with its katana-like beak. When damaged enough, it can break the bones in its own neck to create a lacerating whip and inflict quick stacks of bleeding!

Underwater Creature Rookies Challenge

A great exploration of colour and shape to help create a mystical feel of being deep under the sea. Accompanying this is also a made up creature design of a whale/ manta-ray, a giant of the depths with a peaceful demeanour. 


Using this style was a valuable lesson on lineart and shading, doing this early on in the year really benefited with the rest of my work and my understanding of finding a process that suits me.

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