Virtual Mind

Virtual Mind

Lim Zhi Quan
by zqlim on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Some of my 2D concepts work during my conceptual class. Hope you guys like it!

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RIM 2132

In the year 2132, where resources had declined heavily from the oversaturated population, the higher class seize power to exterminate the working and lower class to take over their resources. Viktor Wescott, a thief from the lower class, begin his journey to escape from the indiscriminate massacre, and perhaps someday, return to save the city...

Here are some exploration sketches of environments before working on the final piece, exterior on the left and interior on the right

Stylize character design

This is my first time designing a character completely from scratch

Beyond Human

My first group project with friends in designing a set of characters under the same theme. Our world lies in a futuristic environment after a great war between the machinery and human. New life begins to arise again, and the technology being left behind were scrapped and re-engineered to fit the tribal lifestyle of the new generations. Most creatures prefer peace, and some chose to dominate others...

Here are my contribution to the project, enjoy!

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