TGA Portfolio

TGA Portfolio

Sindy Cherrou
by Sindy on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My portfolio that I created during my time at The Game Assembly.

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Enchanted Ruins Lobby

Made a lobby for a made up game called Enchanted Ruins. I wanted to create an environment that gave off a mystical and magical feeling with a centerpiece, while keeping in mind that it would work as a lobby.

The Banners represent the players. With the UI I wanted to incorporate some customization options so I chose to do that through the banners since they are representing players which I assume would be appreciated had it been real.


Bonfire recreation from the game franchise ''Dark Souls'' by From Software.

I wanted to make a piece that had pontential of being a 3D printed sculpture and therefore I liked the idea of having a sculpted fire with a subsurface material that could act as a light if it would be printed. I also wanted to follow a concept pretty strictly, and I'm extremly satisfied that I managed this pretty well!

Angel Souls Main Menu

For this project I wanted to go for a more realistic style. I also wanted to experiment with godrays in unreal engine.

I was inspired by my love for Dark souls and decided to make a tombstone. I wanted to keep everything fairly simple and focus on the complete picture since it designed to be a Main Menu screen.

The UI was made in photoshop.

Kyros UI Art and Design

Kyros is a fantasy Battle Royale game set in ancient Greece, designed to work on PC and Phones.

UI Art and Design for a made up game called Kyros. Made entirely in Photoshop. I wanted the UI to stand out so I focused primarly on that in this project, and let the backgrounds take lower priority. I also wanted to show how the UI Layout could work in a PC format aswell as Mobile.

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