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3D Character Geisha - Dat Matthias Nguyen

3D Character Geisha - Dat Matthias Nguyen

Dat Matthias Nguyen
by Datmatthiasnguyen on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This project to me was all about learning the female human anatomy and the folds anatomy of cloths. I chose self-designing a geisha for this purpose.

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Hey guys, my name is Dat Matthias Nguyen and this is my entry for the Rookies 2021 in the game development category. I have graduated from PIXLVISN media arts academy in Cologne successfully at the end of April. I enter the contest with 3 projects in total as my first step to connect to the industry, receive feedback, and challenge myself.

I'm very excited to present all of my works and I wish all other contenders that have entered the contest the best of luck!

For this project, I wanted to do a young female human as a geisha. This is also my second of the 3 projects I made for this contest. The idea was to make every single project different from each other to maximize the learning experience

The main challenge of this project was the cloth I made with Marvelous Designer and to light the character properly because it wasn't so easy with that huge umbrella.

I have gathered a lot of references, but I didn't try to copy anything. I wanted to create my own character with its own look. But I took much inspiration from the references.

Optimization: I created this character for games, so I tried to not go over 100k vertices.

I kept the texel density equal-sized.

6 texture sets

The best thing I have learned during this project was again something personal. I got the perfectionist in me under control. We can always do something better if we spend more time on something but it is more important to deliver on time and deliver the best possible result with the given time and experience. Time management is key.

Finally, you can check out my demo reel with all 3 characters I have made.

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