T-Rex high to low to procedural

T-Rex high to low to procedural

Tobias Heukäufer
by TobzHeukaeufer on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A T-Rex like Dinosaur sculpted in ZBrush, and retopologized in Maya2020. Textured and baked from high to low-res in Substance painter and finally Rendered in Maya2020.

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My ever first sculpt in ZBrush - a Dinosaur, a T-Rex even, a classic. A rather standard workflow inside ZBrush, although I overdid it with the subdivisions topping the high-res model of at 14.1 Million vertices.

Retopologized in Maya 2020 mostly using the Quad Draw Tool. I was able to make great use of Maya's GPU caching functionalities, it greatly increased the program's responsiveness and thus sped up the workflow.

Rigged and weight painted in Maya2020. Bone orientation inside Maya was adapted to compensate Unity's different axis orientation.

These two images were posed and rendered in Maya2020.

Procedurally animated inside Unity utilizing scripts. Values defining properties such as how open the mouth is can be accessed either from other scripts or from the inspector Window directly to allow for easier debugging during development progress.
Unfortunately, I did not manage to create nor find a 3-leg-bone inverse kinematics system that is executed smoothly and reliably on runtime. So, this model has to look more like an animatronic this time.

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