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Connor McIntyre - Game Development Entry

Connor McIntyre - Game Development Entry

Connor McIntyre
by connormcintyre on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, my name is Connor and I'm a recent graduate of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. This is a collection of my work over the past year that I'm putting forward for the Rookie Awards 2021.

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Subway Scene

I made this subway scene to get some practice with creating materials in Substance Designer and applying them in a scene within Unreal Engine 4. 

Models made for the scene were made in Maya.

The scene also includes assets sourced from the Quxiel Megascan library such as the burger box, apple core, noodle box & boxes. All decals in the scene were also sourced from the Quxiel Megascan library.

Below is a breakdown of all the Substance Designer materials & props made for this scene.

Vending Mashine - 3D Fan Art

For the below projects, I decided to have some fun and do something different from the normal realistic-styled stuff I normally do.  They were all fun projects to make to learn Blender.

These little dioramas are modeled in Blender, textured in Substance Painter & rendered in Skethfab.

Concept for these diaorama's were made by Ruslana Gus. Link to the concept -

Sci-Fi Hallway - 3D Fan Art

I wanted to get some practice with texture and scene optimsation techniques such as modular pieces, UV stacking and editing materials in Unreal Engine.

I found this awesome concept by Ruslana Gus and thought it would be perfect to get some practice with those skills while also having a crack at making a stylised scene. Link to the concept here -

Modeled in Blender, textured in Substance Painter & rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

All environment textures (excluding the blood decals and smoke particles) are on 2 sets of 1024 maps (2 x Albedo and 2 x Normal maps).

Blood Decals sourced from Quixel Megascan library.

Solider model and textures sourced from Unreal Marketplace.

Smoke Particle from starter content in UE4.

Below is a video showing how I got to the final scene along with images of a breakdown of the scene including an unlit version, an image of the models made for the scene and a breakdown of the Albedo maps showing the UVs.

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