Concept/Production Art & Illustrations

Concept/Production Art & Illustrations

Adele Fairchild
by adelefairchild on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Rounding up a selection of hobby projects (comics and game prototypes) with personal art and illustrations.

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Comic: Mina & Rin

Character art for a fantasy-romance mini-comic.

Game: Experienced Driver

Early sketches and art for a visual novel/management game.  

Comic: Sola

Cover art for a volume of Sola.  A comic series about a superhuman wanderer who defends humanity from colossal stone Knights. 

Game: Firelight

Early art/ideas for an isometric action game.  Two players can take control of Senn and Mai, former rivals turned allies, seeking to untangle a dark conspiracy lurking at the heart of their city.  

Game: Anamnesis

Production art for a isometric point-and-click adventure game.  The protagonist takes up the task of looking after a friend's property following a personal tragedy.  

(Game logo and in-game interactable items created by another artist - hammer, fertiliser bag etc.)

Personal Works




Composition Sketches

Fan Art

Thanks for checking out my projects.  Have a good one!

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