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by benoit on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, I’m Benoît I’ve been studying Concept Art at New3dge for 2 years now, my goal is to work as an environment concept artist.

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I’m Benoît, I’m 28 and I’ve been studying Concept Art at New3dge for more than 2 years now, my goal is to work as an environment concept artist.

I tried to challenge myself for this project by making a mining expedition in space. In this future, companies are making huge profits by extracting ressources from Asteroids.

MESSOREM is a space mining company, specialized in harvesting ressources found on asteroids.

They developped the most effective method in order to be able to extract as many asteroids as possible in short time periods, by using autonomous drones spotting the surroundings in search of valuable resources. These expeditions ensure optimal return and zero risk for the small human crew remaining on the ship.

I used a simple design process starting with basic sketches, rough 3D blocking and a lot of research. I ended up with the idea of doing a "space hive" where a big ship (the hive)  would carry a lot of smaller drone units (the "bees").

I had to think of a convenient way to stock, deploy and refill the drones by adding pods/stations on top of the ship.

Since my ship is supposed to be this big, slow structure, I thought that the drones could look much faster.

Now the drones are ready to harvest every asteroid in the area. 

I will now show you my portfolio and other projects I did this year.


I had the pleasure to work on a video game project at New3dge as an environment concept artist. The game takes place in the 1930s, during an antarctica expedition. Two scientists find their lab abandonned and invaded by a strange organism.

Game Art team: Mael Villa, Steven Deutch, Livia Pilan, Elisa Bernon, Alessia Malatesta, Fabien Burger


I also had the opportunity to work with a VFX team at New3dge on a short movie, as an environment and keyframe concept artist. 

VFX team: Ines Alonso Dumaitre, Sofia Gonzalez Saksida, Ronan Lefèvre, Guilhem Mahoudeau, Loïc Weil, Tom Oheix

                                            Thank You !

I want to adress a special thanks to the amazing teachers at New3dge, especially Aurélien Fournier and Nils Carstens for the art direction of my project.

Thanks to Fabien Roumazeilles and Aurélien Fournier for creating this incredible concept class at New3dge, these were 2 amazing years.

And thank you to my classmates, my friends at New3dge, who helped me grow as an artist and a person,  already miss you guys ! 

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