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Post Apocalyptic Survivor  - Concept Art

Post Apocalyptic Survivor - Concept Art

Davide Lazzarini
by DavideLazzarini on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Greetings! My Name is Davide ("David"). For this contest I decided upload Concept Art of a Hero Character I created when attending classes at CG Spectrum.

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Post Apocalyptic Survivor Concept Art

The Corona Pandemic gave me food for thought, not only as a survival aficionado , but mostly as an Artist, enough to create a character faced with a Post Apocalyptic scenario.

Concept Sheets & References

Inspired and motivated by various games and personal interest in this unique theme, I went through different looks, shapes and personalities, trying to portrait the daily struggle in world that no longer exist. 

I ended up with a character who wore a long evening dress as the civilized world collapsed (Sheet.1 No.9 & Sheet.3 No.7 G).

As the years passed her dress decayed, but she grew skilled and experienced .


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