ARECIBO 3.0 | Message accross the stars

ARECIBO 3.0 | Message accross the stars

by KillianH on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

45 years after the sending of famous message from Arecibo, no alien has responded to us. Wouldn't it be so much to try the experience again with another artistic direction?

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ARECIBO 3.0 | Motion Graphics

I carried out this project to conclude my studies at the ArtLine Institute. Hope you'll enjoy it!

To pay tribute to the scientists who tried to send a universal message in space in 1974, I chose to rebuild the initiative in motion design.

As the first Arecibo post, I used the binary code to provide information about Earth, humans and the ecosystem around us.

The concept was to use binary code and simple shapes to visually translate who we are and where we live.

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