Pigeonholed, Episode 1 of The Origin of Fitness

Pigeonholed, Episode 1 of The Origin of Fitness

A story as old as time, The Origin of Fitness explains itself. How do people come together? Trial and error as much as ignorance’s happenstance. We all exist from a coming together. How often is it true love? Nothing to something, the big bang! Serendipitous is the being. Enjoy!

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In the struggle for survival the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environments by escaping or manifesting what they desire. Like and follow your desires, if you have the fitness to succeed you likely will. Imagine a state of: to be or not...… Will she put me aside to be:

Pigeonholed, Episode 1 of The Origin of Fitness by Michael Lawrence Bates is:

A short film which I've chipped away at for the last year. Here are 4 cuts as well as at the end the Original WIP Cut. All can be improved on but I am only one person who wrote, modelled, animated, learned..... how to make this film possible. This is the best I alone can immediately do. Lets work together, I look forward to sitting together to make far better. 

Enjoy my YouTube channel:


Let me know which one you like the best. 

Thank you for your view. Enjoy!

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