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Lorena Da Silva's Texturing and Look Development Reel

Lorena Da Silva's Texturing and Look Development Reel

Lorena Da Silva
by lorelai on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

The projects shown on my demo reel showcase my passion for texturing, and showing my Panamanian culture, as well as my skills as a 3D Artist.

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"Artesanías" showcases a Panamanian's artisans store, honoring the talented artisans in La Arena de Chitré, Herrera, Panamá. The artisan sells beautiful artworks made of clay, either baked or glazed, all handmade and hand painted. I modeled in Maya and ZBrush, built base materials in Substance Designer, textured in Substance Painter and Photoshop, rendered in Arnold Maya, and composited in Nuke.

I was responsible for all aspects except the following 3D models: rocking chair, hammocks, banana and palm trees.

Matte Painting by Julie Krizan and Lighting key and vis dev by Zachary St. Amand .

Eaten cheese platter.  I got inspire by "Ratatouille"'s lighting.

I used ZBrush to create my displacement maps and add detail, and Maya for some modeling.

For texturing, I used Substance Painter, and Arnold to render. Some of the models are from CGTrader.

Here is a compilation of my work for the 3D Animated short film, Kaghati, set in Indonesia. For the set and props, I created base materials in Substance Designer: "Merbau/Kwila and Teak Wood. I then textured using those base materials in Substance Painter and Photoshop.  3D model was a teamwork by Nate Huseth, Christian Rodriguez, Stanley Soendoro, Amanda Jayapurna, Andreas Smidt, and myself. Rendered using Arnold Maya.

As the Look Development Lead, I was in charge of giving life to the two main characters as well: Alya and Ridwan Angkasa. For Ridwan (the grandpa), I created the fabrics in Substance Designer. I textured the rest in Substance Painter. Character design by Alyssa Lee, model sculpt by Andreas Smidt, and the XGen groom was done by Christian Rodriguez. Rendered using Arnold Maya.

Shots lighting and comp from the two showcased shots done by Amanda Jayapurna. Animation from the two showcased shots by Agatha Tiara Christa (Rara), and Stanley Soendoro.

For more info of the short film, check out our instagram :)

More info and breakdowns can be found in my blog post and

Red Eyed Tree Frog project focused on organic surfacing and learning Mari. 

Base model downloaded from CG Trader, and sculpted on top of it, making the high poly and displacement maps as well. 

Textured in Mari and scanned real leaves to add realism. 

Complete demo reel!

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