Rouge Sournois

Rouge Sournois

by daniela1106 on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Veronique Baza was doing her daily shopping in China Town when an unexpected pickpocket steals her most recent purchase, the famous and expensive "Rouge Sournois" lipstick.

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Behind the Scenes


We began our project with quite a few drawings and a lot of ideas, before arriving at our final storyboard.

Character Sheets and Concept Arts

Once we had a clear story, we began brainstorming to find the final look of our characters and we came up with turn-arounds for each of them. We also made a few concept art drawings to try and capture the atmosphere we wanted to give the film.


We made a first animatic with our official characters, and although we tried to follow our original storyboard, we had to make many changes. That first animatic was also changed significantly once we received some feedback. 

Color Script

Once we had all of our scenes planned we made an official colour script. 


While the main animating team was preoccupied with the characters, our background artist began sketching away. They made several versions of our backgrounds before arriving to the ones that made it to the final cut.


Our VFX artist was also very busy coming up for the look of the flames that we wanted to add to our last scene. These also changed a lot compared to the ones on the final product. 

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