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Godslayer is a first-person Sumerian slaughter-fest inspired by the brilliant tradition of retro shooters and enhanced by modern design and technology. Become Masku, the satyr-like demigod son of Enki, and lead the charge against the hordes of Annunaki invaders that would see Earth’s nascent civilizations enslaved.

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Legends Always Have a Beginning

The Sumerian First-Person Slaughterfest inspired by the tradition of retro shooters matched with modern design and aesthetics.

Spell-Slinging Action

Empowered by the same magic he seeks to eradicate from his home, Masku’s success hinges on the ability to learn from the cultists to master his own abilities.

Complex Combat

Each group of enemies is mixed to make the player decide who should be the first enemy to destroy. Can you figure out the combat path or will you be overwhelmed like the countless others?

Ancient Adversaries

The adversaries that Masku faces are grounded in Mesopotamian lore. Whether it is towering Naga warriors or steadfast Guardians of secrets, Masku will have to find ways to outmaneuver or overpower each of his daunting enemies.

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