3 Projects

3 Projects

by disapersson on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Three portfolio pieces, all of which I created throughout a 14 week span as an art student at The Game Assembly.

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I will showcase three portfolio pieces, all of which were created throughout a 14 week span as an art student at The Game Assembly. The projects were made working half time, 4/h a day during these 14 weeks. With one week being fulltime for the flashlight piece.

1: Witch's Workstation

A stylized witch workstation, with a focus on potion brewing.

I wanted to create a vibrant and cozy interior with a hand-painted feel to it. With this project I wanted to mainly practice making modular pieces and focus on composition.

I blocked out the props in Maya and created some layout concepts in the early stages of the project. While playing around with the composition I always kept the cauldron as the focal point.

All assets were created in Maya or ZBrush; baking was made in Marmorset and Substance Painter. Texturing was made in Substance Painter and the presentation in Unreal Engine 4.

2: Champion

My goal was to create a character fit to exist in the world of League of Legends by Riot Games.

The platform was made by the wonderful Erik Quinn https://erikquinn.artstation.com/

Turnaround created in Marmorset.

The textures are mainly hand-painted, where I used both Photoshop and Substance Painter to make them.

During the concept phase I tried out different eye catching silhuettes and after feedback I took a few of them to explore further. Where I polished on the design and tried out different color palettes.

While designing I made sure to bring my own personal touch to the character, so she would still feel unique when compared to the original champions. But still make her a believable warrior who could be from League.

The Lowpoly was made in Maya and the highpoly in Zbrush, baking and presentation was made in Marmorset Toolbag 4. The textures were handpainted in Substance Painter and Photoshop.

3: Flashlight

For this prop I wanted to work in as much storytelling as possible and add some fun personal touches. I also wanted to do something different from the other two pieces.

This prop is used by the janitor from my 7th game project, School Raider. The flashligt has had a lot of trips around the school and has been taken by the kids multiple times.

I wanted to show this through the scratches, peeling of color and stickers randomly placed out over it. But since it's also used by a tired but patient janitor who have dealt with these kids for years, it has been worn diligently for work and has probably been dropped a few times and gotten some paint on it here and there. 

The stickers are made by me in Photoshop, except the egg, which was made by my talented friend Lukas Lenander https://www.lukaslenander.com/

The lowpoly and highpoly was made in Maya, baking and presentation was made in Marmorset. The texturing was made in Substance Painter.

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