Wild Eyes

Wild Eyes

Nina Prange
by ninofie on 26 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

In a gloomy 2D animated world, the blind girl Kitana has to discover, that fulfilling her greatest desire demands a terrible sacrifice.

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With a classic look and experimental perspectives, "Wild Eyes" takes us into the dark world of the blind girl Kitana. Through her eyes, we can see again and understand how big the sacrifice was.

A 2d animated short about friendship and guilt.

making of WILD EYES "outside view"

final image / compositing - colors - cleaned - layout

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 Collaborators: Tobias Gerginov, Yaël Brunnert, Jessica Drechsler, Sara Shabani Hesari, Lise Légier, Sofiia Melnyk, Michelle Ong, Franziska Trast, Christian Greitmann, Elena Schmidt, Alex Schuster, Bernhard Blix, Jan Brett, Max Hartstang, Steffen Flach, Max Kersten