Lauren Hood, animation and storyboarding folio

Lauren Hood, animation and storyboarding folio

by LaurenHood on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A short collection of some of my animations and storyboards from the past year.

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This year has been an interesting one for experimenting with storyboards, animatics and animation. 

I created this animatic after finishing the book series ‘Monster Blood Tattoo’. It was an awesome read with some really cool characters and I knew I wanted to do some sort of fight scene with it, so I channelled all of my energy in the past couple of months into completing this project. It was a lot of fun. 

A run cycle for a little pirate kid, which I made in one of my classes at CDW studios. I tried to convey his energetic personality through his movement.

This is a rough work in progress of a storyboarding project called Silent Rivalry, where a mime and a balloon man try to outcompete each other. This one has more of a comedy theme with a focus on the expressions.

These projects have taught me a lot about the process, and dynamic movement. I’m looking forward to trying out different projects in the future with new themes and characters to explore. :)  

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