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3D Modeling and Environment Portfolio

3D Modeling and Environment Portfolio

Annie-May Smith
by anniemaysmith on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I am a current CDW Student and this is my current collection of work. I aim to work in 3D environment art upon my graduation, and enjoy modelling and creating new worlds to explore.

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3D Hangar Environment and Spaceship Build

This environment and spaceship were created in my 3D Bootcamp class, and was my introduction to UE4. We utilized trim sheets and spent time learning about optimization, as well as learning about the different functions of UE4. Some decals were sourced from Quixel.

Robot Model

Based off of Nick Yap's design, I modeled this robot in Maya, textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Arnold. This was a fun design and a good introduction to mecha.

3D Bedroom

This was a fun project for Boot camp. I took one of my friend's bedrooms and modeled it in Maya for rendering in Arnold. Textures were done in Substance Painter. The chalkboard wall presented an awesome challenge and I was pleased with what I learned in the process.

Sword Model

This was an exercise in study and application, and a chance for me to try out some more detailed texturing work. Modeled in Maya, textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Arnold.

3D Environment: Cottage

This was one of my first foray's into utilizing  Quixel in UE4, and was primarily an exercise for learning more about UE4. I created and textured (Maya and Substance Painter) the focal piece, the cottage, and sourced the rest from Quixel with the trees from LazerTale.

Creature and Prehistoric Mammal Bust

These busts were done in my 3D Animal Anatomy class, and was based off a variety of prehistoric creatures. They were sculpted in ZBrush and rendered out of ZBrush into Photoshop.

Binoculars Model

Done for my Boot camp class, we modeled antique binoculars in Maya, before texturing in Substance Painter and rendering in Maya

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