Let's Go!!

Let's Go!!

by CallumBruceHull on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is a mix of different projects I have completed in my first year of Uni.

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Hi I'm Callum Bruce Hull

I have no fear of failure, as I embrace what I have to learn from every mistake I make, and solidify the practices that are executed well.

These projects are a testament to where I am at in my journey, and will act as a great point of reflection for  others and myself to look back on.

The Graveyard

A Hail Caesar Production

Storyboard and Environment design by Samantha Ellis

Character Design by Emily Bensted

Animation and Editing by Callum Hull

Sound Design by Patrick Maddern-Stoeger

Original Piano Soundtrack by Emily Bensted

This was a group project that was completed with team work, and was incredibly valuable to all team members involved as we learned more about developing a solid pipeline and effectively communicating with each other. As we built more trust in each other, we all strove to push our existing skills further.

Hamilton Cabinet Battle

This is an Audio based Procedural Animation of the Hamilton Cabinet Battle #1 from the musical play "Hamilton"

I used Photoshop to mask out historical characters from paintings I sourced from the internet.

I then imported those assets into after effects, where I created Audio based nulls from multiple versions of the song. Linking those nulls to various mouth, head, and arm movements.

The overall song is quite long, so shots are held for an extended amount of time. If I were to redo the animation, I would add more camera movements, and cuts to reaction shots from the crowd and other characters.

Pop Korn

Story and and Editing by Callum Bruce Hull

This was a camera trickery exercise that I had a lot of fun with.

Some of the masking, and cuts could be smoother, but a great exercise to learn and practice.

Eye Test

Story  and Animation by Callum Bruce Hull

This was a Short frame by frame animation completed in Photoshop and After effects to practice animation and story telling.

This is Fan art from an Illustrator based exercise, to create a Toy robot, of which I based mine on the Dalek's from Dr who.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my Portfolio

I look forward to showing you my progress next year.


Callum Bruce Hull

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