Concept art showcase

Concept art showcase

Viktoria Vasileva
by ViktoriaVasileva on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I am 3d environment artist with passion for concept art. I am keen on developing both, my 2D concept art and 3D environment skills. This is my first rookies submission and I am excited to share my latest work.

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For my creature design project I created a mount based on existing art style. I chose to break down Robert Brown's art style because I find his work very inspirational. I chose to break down the cactus character he created. 

I started off with research and settling on the character I wanted to break down. Afterwards I combined my analytical skills with my technical knowledge and created the art bible shown below. Then I focused on sketching possible characters and settled with something between lama and camel. Throughout the process of creating the mount I often referred to the art bible I created. 

Being it my first time creating an art bible out of someone else's work and creating a mount, I felt it was a great challenge that taught me a lot on how to approach such projects.

For this project I designed five assets for a hero character that was on a mission to find a long forgotten treasure. Her journey took her to the west of the Pacific Ocean to an uncharted island.  

To create this project I started with research and gathering reference. Once I did the needed research I created the story. Then I continued with sketching ideas and possible equipment designs on paper. Once I was happy with the direction I was taking I brought the sketches in photoshop and created cleaner line art variations of the assets. At this stage I was mainly focusing on shape design. Once I was happy with the sketches and the line art of the final assets I proceeded to the rendering stage. While rendering I focused on values, colors, materials, light and shadow. The main goal was to create a coherent art style on all assets.  I loved working on this project.

For this material study I focused on creating materials such as: gold, crystal, wood, stone, fur and metal. 

During my internship I mainly worked on 3D assets but was also given the opportunity to create some concept art for a VR mobile game. 

During the rendering process I combined different workflows together. I learned how to use clipping masks, selection tools, overpaints, hue saturation and sponge tool together. All this helped me to work with  different layers that contributed to a non-destructive workflow. Everything is highly customizable when it comes to colors and can be easily changed. I kept my files organized with naming conventions and colored layers. All this led to having a clear overview of what stage I was at.  

Here you can see some of the explorations sketches and renders. 

For the equipment props I focused on different shape variations. And eventually I worked my way out and focused on simpler shapes due to gameplay elements.  

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