Warders of the Woodland

Warders of the Woodland

Christal Matos
by synzya on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello!! I'm Christal! ^^ I'm really excited to share some of the concept designs for the project we are currently working on in our school!

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Hello! This is a project we're currently developing to practice everything we've learned thorough this academic yearThanks you so much for taking your time! ^^

The Ancient Lords: Warders of the Woodland

The "Warders of the Woodland" are a forest-dwelling tribe isolated from the rest of the world.
(We began by analyzing the Game Design Document, brainstorming accordingly then amassing references to begin.)

 The "Warders of the Woodland" dedicate their lives to protecting and maintaining balance in the "Forest of Three Crossing" where it is said that the energies of all living beings return before their reincarnation.

After setting up the abstract language, developing most of the environments and props, we began making silhouettes for the characters.

We are still amidst creating new things, hope the journey has been enjoyable so far, thanks for visiting! ^^

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