Mission: InDELIgence

Mission: InDELIgence

by munizafazal and sparlex on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Secret Agent, Vincent Manwell, is on a highly confidential mission to obtain the tastiest burger in existence. At least... that's what he thinks.

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Mission InDELIgence follows the journey of 'Secret Agent' Vincent Manwell, a hungry spy seeking the world's most delicious burger. Infiltrating a secret base, he must traverse over dangerous traps and obstacles in order to reach his desire.

The all new Espionage Royale - the secret that's so good, you can't resist! Only at Vincent's!

The Recipe

Core Team Members

Alexander Selby Lead Animator / Tech Artist

Jenna Bushell Animator / Concept Artist / Environment Artist

Muniza FazalAnimator / Lighting Artist


Elliot King - Music

Reece Hack - Sound Editing/Mixing

Amira Arooran - Character Artist

Patrick Manalang Paguio - Prop Artist

Mitchell Lyons - Rigging

Sam Mowforth - Animation

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