Gears Of War fan art remake

Gears Of War fan art remake

Leonardo Betancur
by BETA on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is my first step on environment design like a self learner artist. I remade the iconic first level of Gears of War. The project was fully made by me. Softwares used: Blender 2.9, Substance Painter, Affinity Photo, Sony Vegas Pro, Pure Ref, Quixel Bridge.

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Gears Of War fan art remake

This project is special to me because it's my first step on environment design like a self learner artist, I applied some concepts and  ideas  that I've recolected during a month, talking with high level artists, seeying a bunch of tutorials of quixel environment desing and of course talking with the artist community  of different discord servers (Punto blend, CG Lounge, etc). This is the result of a month (Approx.) of fully work,hope you like it.

The project was done in Blender, and rendered in  cycles, all textures were made on substance painter, and the compositing was achieved in affinity photo. I tried to keep the dark mood in the composition and most importantly: the feeling that this first level caused on me, when I played the game for the first time, the majestic of the scene  combined with the dark feeling that I've experimented, that is mainly that I've tried to achive with this fanmade. In the future I'll migrate the project inside Unreal Engine 5

Planning :  First I needed to get references,  from real life and from the game ,that was very important to start with the stage of blockout. I used PureRef to keep all my references and have an idea of the materials, cams etc.

Blockout: I started blocking out the scene with simple shapes to get an  idea of how the composition and lighting will look like.

Assets creation: After the blocking was done, I started preparing the individual and modular assets like Pillars, Arches, modular floors, The  modular prison corridor, barracks and the gears to decorate the scene. The work was done in this 2 steps:

1. Modeling: Models are made inside Blender, here also was made the unwrapping, I made only low poly assets, I didn't sculpt anything, to create some damage details in the Pillars assets I used booleans.

2. Unwrapping & texturing: I used Substance painter to create the textures, I created a 2K textures to keep a good performance inside blender.

I used Quixel Megascans to complement some assets, I created  Smart Materials like damaged concrete, Rusted metal, damaged brick wall, etc so I could just apply them later on the models and start tweaking values and also I used other Quixel materials to complement the texturing in other assets.  Damaged details and manual painting was done to get a more natural feeling
Set dressing:  One of the most funny parts of the design, but more challenging too. I used the blender rigid body simulations to positionate rubble or debris, to create the pieces of broken glass I used the cell fracture addon and I combined this with the rigid body simulations, for the floor garbage, rocks and rubble I used the particle system (Hair) inside blender to generate all this debris.

Composition and finishing touches:  I used Affinity Photo to compose the render shots  and Quixel megascans to complement the scenes. Glow, Volumetric lights (Light beams), Dust Particles , the sky texture,etc was added when doing compositing.

Comparison & results: On the left my fan art remake, on the right a in game capture:

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