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Sina Gulder - Generalist Projects Selection

Sina Gulder - Generalist Projects Selection

Sina Gulder
by silver on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is a selection of my favourite projects from the last couple of months. I feel that it’s highly valuable to have a broad knowledge of the entire 3D pipeline and equally strong technical and creative skills. Therefore, I consider myself a generalist and always aspire to improve my skills in all disciplines.

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Steam-powered Praxinoscope

One of my earlier endterm projects in school. For the contest, I unwrapped, textured and rendered everything anew. It's meant to depict my love for animation and moving pictures.

Horse run cycle image by Aaron Blaise.

Concept to 3D - Meet Jean Claude

For this project, I took the wonderful digital painting by Goro Fujita entitled "Meet Jean Claude" and created a 3D version of it. The textures were hand-painted in Photoshop.


I fell in love with Kingdom Hearts when I was 14 (almost 15 years ago, wow) and I was thrilled when KH3 was finally released. So here's a small project that I did while enjoying the newest part of the series.

Shadow/Heartless © by Disney and Square Enix

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