Keelin MacGregor
by KRMacGregor, SamNugs, and riannajpg on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

FEVER DREAM is a video game trailer captured in Unreal Engine, about a young girl exploring an abandoned English hospital, chased by a monster where she uncovers something hidden in the depths.

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Core Members:

Rianna Baker  - Character Concept Artist | Character Artist | Props

Keelin MacGregor - Creature Concept Artist | Creature Artist | Props | Editor

Sam Huggett - Level Design | Environment Artist | Lighting | Props


Mia Scorgie - Character Concept Artist | Environment Concept Artist

Joe Davis  - Animator

Rebecca Johnson  - Rigger

The Doctor

The antagonist of the game and trailer, a mutated former doctor who now resembles a spider that haunts the basement and childrens wards.


An English young adult from 2005, she didn't expect to find what she did when exploring Carmentis General Hospital.

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