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Man bust

Man bust

Georgina Garcia Pi
by georgiart on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi everyone! I am a 3D character artist who is always looking for art wherever I go. I wanted to challenge myself with xgen because it is and amazing tool for creating hair for characters. I show my artwork which is a realistic man bust.

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Project I developed at Animum 3d while learning how to create a realistic bust.
It was incredible to improve in every part of the workflow and becoming a better artist.

Here I show some of the steps I followed to achieve the final render.
First of all, I created a base Mesh, then I sculpted the primary forms and blocked out the shapes like eyes, mouth and eyebrows. After the mesh was anatomy correct, I went back to maya and started with the retopology. 
When the uvs were clean, I imported the mesh in Zbrush to start all the final sculpt. The best part was creating all the pores, details and irregularities of the skin, I love it.

It is time to bake!

I painted all textures in Substance Painter. Firstly, I imported the low poly mesh in Substance and then started the baking process with the high poly mesh loaded, the bake come really easy and with the PBR selected, I started the textured workflow.

I really enjoyed painting all skin colours by hand in different layers, and seeing how that realistic look skin came to live.

I show the principal textures that are the base colour, roughness and normal map.

Finally, It was time to experiment with xgen. 

I began with more controlable parts such as eyelashes, eyebrows and peachfuzz.
When I became familiar with the workflow, I kept grooming the beard and the hair.

The scene was set in maya with a 3 point lighting technique.

The render was done with Arnold. 

To conclude, this is my first attempt to do something more realistic and I trully had a good time doing this character.

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