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Developments in Digital

Developments in Digital

by JoeBishopArt on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A collection of digital pieces I have collated through my studies at University. My first experiences of digital art have been at university and I am proud to show my developments. The subjects of the pieces are characters, vehicles, and prop designs.

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The Race Galactica, set in a vast network of planets with an eclectic range of environments. The races are challenging not only for the drivers but also for their vehicles. 

The Race Galactica is a multi-stage endurance race that pits the best racers and their vehicles against each other in hopes of the prizes of credits, a trophy, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There are no set rules or guidelines for vehicles but the more weaponry or armour a driver adds on, the slower they go. Drivers need strategies and methods to get themselves through the race. 

The Cursed Pilgrim. A world rampant with dragons and powerful magic resides one of the few remaining civilizations. The dragons that dominated the skies and land have returned to slumber once again until the hunt continues a season over. 

The Relic Hunter is a selected individual that is tasked with seeking out the relics once used to combat the dragon menace, but with the dragons becoming wise to this many centuries ago, they took great precaution to them and hid them away in solice.  

A series of designs for a 1920's themed sci-fi horror. These designs are for the main sets of the show and allow for a range of scenic compositions for the dramatic and tense moments of the show. 

The story takes place in 1920's New England, America, and the designs represent a structural divide of wealth and power. 

The Battle Republic, a new take on the battle-royale formula incorporating more PVE and levelution design. 

These designs are my efforts in a collaborative project and show concepts for a mech (PVE), HQ design of Sakodka and the dynamic change, a supply drop and a UI design. 

A "Cyberpunk 2077" inspired character design. 

Using limited knowledge and resources before the release of "Cyberpunk 2077", I was tasked with designing a non-playable-character that reflected the themes and values of the game and that would not overshadow the player character or other main NPC's. 

Scifi asset recovery concept piece. 

An unusual signal interference led to an investigation to re-establish the connection. Upon arrival, the ship was damaged and backup power was initiated. The asset recovery unit was sent into the wreckage to report back to base. 

Use of Maya and substance painter to create a concept piece. 

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