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Weapons & props

Weapons & props

Martin Frykler
by Scheff on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

In my entry you will find some game ready assets like an old pistol, some props I made to see how fast I could make something and a futuristic sci-fi rifle.

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I'm a first year 3D art student from PlaygroundSquad that likes hard surface modeling for games. This Mauser C96 began as a school assignment 3 months ago when I got to do a high poly model. And I couldn't wait to get back and finish it and make it a game ready asset on my free time.

 All these models where made in Maya, later baked and textured in Substance painter, then rendered in Unreal engine 4. All this work was done during this semester.

Mauser C96

                                                           Texture: 2048x2048px       Tris: 6158

Here you can see the high poly model to the left, next to the low poly model to the right.

When I UV map I try to see what UVs I can stack on top of each other, to optimize UV space. Then after texturing in Substance painter I like to pack the ambient occlusion, roughness and metallic map in to one so I get less maps.  

Then it's time to send it all to Unreal engine 4 and set up some light, post processing effects and maybe make a decorative prop like a bullet to make the scene a little more lived in.

Speed props

The box was made in roughly 8 hours and the pillar in 7h.

Sci-fi rifle

Got some free hands to do what I wanted for a 3 week assignment and as someone that loves sci-fi I made a plasma rifle. I started with  some careful planning of what should be done each day, then I did the concept, block out, high poly model, low poly model, UV mapping, color id, baking normal, ambient occlusion map, curvature map, texturing, making material and controllers for that material in Unreal engine 4, lighting and done.

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