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Milos Tomic - Character Artist

Milos Tomic - Character Artist

Milos Tomic
by tomicmilos on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Entry for the Rookie awards.

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First character is fan art of Marvel's villain Ebony Maw. For this character I was focused more on the face and face features. I was trying to put as much details as I can on enough polygons to be good for animations in games. I have 43k polygons in the head. That is I think good amount of polygons that you can work with to get enough details from model and yet to not be too have on memory.  Process was done in this order: Primary details, rough details and low level details, anatomy and shapes are done from sphere in Zbrush. Then I put that model in Blender for retopology. That retopologized model I put back in to ZBrush. I projected details that was done until that point and with every subdivision I put additional secondary and tertiary details. That high poly model, when was done, was decimated and put back in Blender to be base for map baking. In Blender I baked Diffuse, AO, Specular, Roughness and Normal map. Texturing was all done in Blender trough texture painting and maps combining.  Render was done in Blender too, without any additional adjustments.

Carl, the delivery guy.

I saw this fantastic concept art  from artist Jules Auger (Instagram:  , Artstation:  ) and decided to bring it to life. Process is the same as with Ebony Maw character.

Viking warrior

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