Johannes Minh Triet Trinh
by johannestrinh on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

As a relentless hunter of the night, this girl is out there to break your heart!

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Once I discovered Huang Xiaozhu's character concept of ''Midnight Heartbreak Killer 2'', I instantly fell in love and just had to try bringing it to life.

The unusual proportions of the concept like the overly large eyes, hands or exceptionally long legs were one of many exciting features I wanted to depict. In order to keep track of the direction of the stylized look I did a lot of fast paintovers and sketches while sculpting.

The hair is a vital part of a characters look and as I admire to become a character artist in the future, this was the perfect opportunity for me to figure out how to do haircards. At first, I struggled lots but the more time I put into research, the better the result became. I am so happy the way they worked out in the end and excited to create many more haircuts soon.

I also ventured into Marvelous designer for more realistic folding of the clothes. I learned so much trying to transform them into clean topology and enable them to be animated. I look forward to deeping my knowledge much more within Marvelous Designer in the near future.

Rigging and animations were done using Mixamo.

I hope you like it!

Johannes Trinh

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