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The Art of Crystal Teng

The Art of Crystal Teng

by CrystalT on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi there! I'm Crystal Teng. Here are some the artworks and projects I've done throughout my college years. Hope you all enjoy it, thanks!

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Splash Art

Inspired by the amazing splash art from games like Legends of Runetterra and League of Legends,  I decided to attempt designing my own character and illustrating a splash art of them.

Ryo, The Necromancer Lord

On the brink of a being defeated, Ryo decides to resort to necromancy, summoning again, his fallen samurai soldiers as an attempt to fight back the losing battle. My very first attempt on illustrating a splash art and had a lot of fun! I decided to design a villain character, incorporating Japanese samurai and necromancer elements. 

Character design sketch and color thumbnails

Ashi, The Dancing Enchantress

Ashi, a belly dancing prodigy by day while a novice enchantress by night, dances to practice casting her magical spells secretly in her chambers. Was heavily inspired by the enchanting art of belly dancing performances and Arabic elements for this piece. I tried arranging the fabrics and scroll flowing towards her, the main focus of  this piece. 

Matte Paintings

Here's some matte paintings I've done , mainly by photobashing or sometimes, creating a 3d model  in Blender as base for the lighting and composition.

The After War : Fallen Flight

As the war finally subsides, a group of soldiers were left trapped within a deserted city. In hopes of reuniting again with their families, they took shelter under a fallen plane and scavenge broken parts of war machineries to build a transportation. 

The Talk-O of the Town

A famous midnight Sushi stall within the town of monsters, , Mr. Tako's amazing speed of making sushi always amazes his customers and its irony of being a sushi chef yet a seafood himself makes him the talk of the town. Was inspired by the Octopus Sushi Chef in Monster Inc. for this piece.

The Buddha Mountain

Two monks finally reached their destination after spending years searching for the legendary Buddha Mountain. Decided to create this piece after inspired by Buddha culture and Chinese historical legends.

Concept Design - The Monk

A concept design project that I've done for school assignments.  As in my country there is a ethnic group called Peranakans, a mixture of Chinese culture and Malay culture, and I thought to myself  " What if there is a cultural mix between Buddhism and Egyptian?" Hence, The Monk was a concept mainly born out of my curiosity. The project was mainly focused on creating a Magical Buddhism-Egyptian tribe living within the desert.

Visual Development and Stylized Pieces


A story set in my local hometown, Penang, Malaysia. As the Hungry ghost festival arrives, the ghost of a grandfather came to the living world and struggles to find his way back home due to his dementia. 

Here is some scenes I've done for the story, mainly focusing on creating heartwarming scenes, showing the strong family love between the grandfather and his granddaughter.

Here is the prop design and character design I've done the project.

The Perfect Fried Rice

Another collaborative school project. A story about a boy attempting to imitate the famous internet celebrity, Uncle Rodger to create the perfect fried rice. Yet as he failed many times and was about to start his last attempt on it, unknowingly ,a cockroach appeared and "helped" him on creating the perfect fried rice with a chaotic scene.

Sketches and Color Thumbnails

We did 2 versions of the set design, one which sets on the early beginning of the story where the kitchen was neat and clean, yet in contrast another one was set at the ending of the story,  which the cockroach had appeared and the kitchen became messy and chaotic.

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