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Dream to the Sky ★ a short film by Khadija Boulazhar

Dream to the Sky ★ a short film by Khadija Boulazhar

khadija Boulazhar
by NeroArts on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My Thesis short film made from scratch about Detalia, a young inventor who finds herself fascinated by birds and gets an idea of what her future invention should be.

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Detalia, an easily fascinated young inventor, finds herself obsessed with birds. As she follows them one day, she gets hit with the realization that she can not fly as they do... this sparked the idea of what her future invention should be: A flying machine.

Dream to the Sky is the story of struggle and success. Something everyone goes through one way or another. A reminder that we only fail when we stop trying. 

In-Depth Overview

This film is the first film I've ever made, which also happens to be my Thesis. I had the opportunity to learn so much throughout my 3 years at Dawson College's 3D Animation and CGI program and I'm extremely enthusiastic and happy to show everyone what I was able to achieve thanks to it. 

My focus as an artist is 3D Animation and Storyboarding. That being said, I also enjoy character design and concept art, rigging, compositing, modeling characters, and more. 

DREAM TO THE SKY is a film that takes roots in my own dreams when I was a child. I always wanted to fly and birds fascinated me. When the time came to think about a story, the name ''Dream to the Sky'' came to my mind as I was looking at the sky and pondering one day in the mini-lab. As for the character, Detalia Regal is one of my comic characters which was essentially created to represent that part of me when I was younger. 

The Process - Over-all 

My program allowed us to taste what it feels like to direct a film from A to Z and let me tell you... It not only taught me the steps of the pipeline but also allowed me to find what I truly enjoy IN the pipeline. I realized that rigging was something I was fascinated about and enjoyed overall while modeling props a little bit less, hence why I used a few assets from Quixel Bridge. I also realized how much I loved learning new software such as Substance Painter to texture for instance. 


Premiere Pro, Clip studio paint, photoshop were great tools I used to achieve the pre-production planning (Animatic, concept art, and design). Afterward, I immediately jumped into modeling using primarily Zbrush and Maya. Texturing was primarily done in Substance Painter. As for Rigging, animation, and modeling were done in Maya and the rendering in Arnold. Once done, I did the compositing in NukeX and the assembling in Premiere Pro.

Side note: I had to mix a few Shaders in Nuke to achieve the look I wanted for my look Dev!


For the music, Dany Lurette, a brilliant composer made the music and sound mixing for me. His knowledge and skill improved my film drastically and I can't stress how fascinated I am by his extraordinary work. Please do check him and his work out.  

★Concepts/behind the scenes★

                     ★ Thank you★

                                                   - Nero_arts

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