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PLANTÉ - Team Short Film

PLANTÉ - Team Short Film

Laurent Chavalle
by enzocransac and lchavalle on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Short Film made in 6 weeks, during our 3rd year at ESMA Montpellier in France

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PLANTÉ is a short film made in 6 weeks and created by Nicolas Delabeye, Laurent Chavalle, Enzo Cransac, Thibault Chopinet and Théo Wagner. This project was created during our 3rd year at ESMA Montpellier, France.

The story is based on Newt Scamander's quote "My philosophy is that if you worry, you suffer twice !" in Fantastic Beasts.

This short presents José Fuentes (male character) a gardener/ serial-killer who tries to scare Max (female character), a very peaceful student.

Nicolas Delabeye was in charge of the storyboard, He drew the concepts of the props and environment, then he modelled them. He drew the 2D turns of José. Then He made the body rigging of this character, the set dressing of the cabin, and the animation of some shots. Finally, He scheduled the organisation of the project.

I (Laurent Chavalle) made the 2D animatic of the short, the sculpting and cloth modeling of José. Then I textured Max’s face and I groomed her. I supervised the lighting of all shots and the composing and color grading of many of them. I was also responsible of the rendering setup and cleaning of some scenes. Finally, I supervised the editing and the sound design.

Enzo Cransac created the character design of José. He also did the whole texturing of the props, environment and José (body and clothes). Then He was in charge of his grooming.
He did the color grading and the compositing of some shots. He designed the outro of the short.

Thibault Chopinet placed the cameras in the 3D environment. He modeled and textured the props present in the first shot : the workbench, the skulls and the plants. He also textured Max’s clothes. Thibault was responsible for the FX/ CFX : He created the destruction of the workbench and made the simulation of José’s straps. Finally, He was in charge of the rendering setup and cleaning of some scenes.

Théo Wagner drew the chara design of Max and her 2D turns, He also helped for the storyboard. He did the sculpting, cloth modeling and rigging of Max. Then, He rigged the face of José.

A special thanks to Julie Aresu for lending her voice to Max !

Thank you for watching !

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