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Stefanie Obermair - Character Design | Illustration | Comics

Stefanie Obermair - Character Design | Illustration | Comics

Stefanie Obermair
by Saenia on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, I am Stefanie (or Saenia on Social Media), an Austrian digital artist. Here is a collection of my works in the areas character design, illustration and comics.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Illustration Contest

In November CD Projekt Red hosted a Cyberpunk 2077 illustration contest and I decided to take part. After playing The Witcher 3, in which all cats are scared of you, I wanted to bring up an essential question for Cyberpunk 2077: Can we pet the cats?

(BTW yes, we can pet the cats)


In this illustration I focused a lot on the feeling the character should portrait. I wanted to give the viewer the impression she is strong, kind and calm at the same time.

Star Wars OC - Akanaa


CDC - Character Design Challenge

Prompt for this challenge was to create a character design for an „elf warrior“. Since I really liked the design of the elves in the animation show „The Dragon Prince“ I decided to give my elf warrior also a set of horns.

Sci-Fi Character Design - Pandora

Pandora was created for a Sci-Fi Pen and Paper. She is a bit of a show off, hot tempered and easily overestimates herself and makes a lot of rash decisions.

Original Star Wars Characters

Since I watched the movies the first time in my late teens I am huge Star Wars fan. I am very fascinated by the whole universe and the enormous amount of lore, so I created and designed several original characters to explore the world of Star Wars on my own terms.


Retelling the greek tale of Perseus und Medusa, Aegis is set in a dystopian future ruled by the AI and self-declared goddess Athene. Aegis is a Motion Comic collaboration created as a master‘s degree graduation project by a team of 5 students. The motion comic combines static artworks and animation into one, creating a unique experience. My tasks included storywriting, character concept art, lineart, coloring and animation

Character Designs

Page Breakdown

Based on the storyboard created by another member of the team, I created a clean sketch and the lineart with Procreate. Later on I added the flat colors in Clip Studio Paint. After including the background drawn by another team member, shadow and lighting were added and the whole pages was color corrected in Photoshop. As a last step the speech bubbles were created.


Fenris - Dragon Age

Jester - Critical Role

Commander Shepard - Mass Effect Trilogy

After I finished the Mass Effect trilogy, I had to pay my tribute to Commander Shepard and did a bigger illustration of her. Especially the ending left a big impression on me and I had to pour my emotions into art.

Thanks for checking out my work!

And I want to end my entry with a quote from the Citadel's favourite commander

"I should go." 

(and make more art ~)

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