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Student Work 2019-2021

Student Work 2019-2021

Kianna Molino
by kianna on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here I share the outcome of a few of the projects I've worked on during the past years as a student. The amount of things I have learned is amazing, and it just increases my enthusiasm for all the things I have yet to discover. Hope you enjoy going through them!

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Thought Overhaul

Beaming with life, the supercomputer like gum factory engulfs the approaching flying bubble gums carrying the thoughts of individuals around the world. The bubble gums get processed and five screens throughout the building light up with "I'm alone". The messenger immediately starts pressing buttons and pulling levers from the control panel knowingly, and so the factory performs the given task: the before separated dots in the world globe merge in one place and the factory screens turn from “I’m alone” to “I’m not alone”.

This project of 2020 consisted of creating the facade of a building from concept to finish, taking into account that eventually we would create an animation around it. I decided to create a kind of supercomputer like bubble gum factory in the clouds, which would serve to reproduce the behavior of the human brain when overthinking and to eventually conclude that we are never alone.

Dead Customer's Care 

In the World of the Dead, a young man bangs open the Dead Customer’s Care office door and uses cheese to bargain his way back to life.

For this short film, I was responsible for the Modelling, Rigging, Animation and VFX of 'Antoine', the incoming customer of the Dead Customer's Care. 

Alice Mondot ( ) and Joaline Artigues ( ) took care of the Lookdev, Lighting, Texturing and Shading aspects of the short. As well as Tristan Consorti was responsible for the Rigging and Animation part for the character of Aldrich, the Dead Customer's Care overseer. 

The Lemur Leaf Frog

The goal of this project made from October to the beginning of December of 2019 was to have our first approach to organic modeling and afterward rendering several moving frames and using the AOVs, so it consisted of choosing an insect/amphibian and then elaborating a whole background around it, keeping in mind that we needed to develop a photorealistic look. The tools used for this project were Maya, Mudbox, Renderman, Photoshop and Nuke.

For this project, I chose the Lemur Leaf frog not only for its peculiar look and classic frog eyes that project curiosity but also because it has been classified as a critically endangered species and every time I start a new project I look to put something I care about into it, which in this case it would be my care for the environment. Nature is so infinitely vast and giving, I feel like it's my responsibility too to keep that vastness, and give back by being conscious about how my actions affect my surroundings.

Maps and Power

This project consisted of the creation of the workshop of an artisan. In my case I chose to do the workshop of a mapmaker, Marco Cotrugli, a mapmaker who mapped America before its supposed discovery while being persecuted by the Spanish Crown, who stole his original map. The two framings were made so that we could glimpse at two moments in Marco Cotrugli's life: before his family was brutally murdered by the Spanish Crown, and after when he fled the Crown and sailed to find America. The softwares used for this project were Maya, Renderman, and Photoshop.

In a few words, Marco Cotrugli is an Italian cartographer who sets sail into the unknown to fabricate maps of places never before seen; covering the true objective behind his trips with the buying and selling of art. In the first framing we see this part of his life, the part who wonders and wanders and is full of life, the warmth of the workshop as his purpose and his home. But He is currently in a precarious situation since, through his own findings and the recollection of the ones acquired from other anonymous travelers, he managed to elaborate a map of the exact location of America and is currently being persecuted by the Spanish Crown, who knowing about the existence of the territory wanted it to remain secret until they considered it was best for this place to be ‘discovered’, being this a part of their orchestrated future conquest. In the second framing, we see my craftsman currently inside his ship, we can see the map above the desk in his workshop illuminated by a fire lamp whose light contrasts with the blue night light of the storm that surrounds the ship, beside the map we find an ‘execution for treason’ notice distributed by the Crown with my craftsman’s name.

In conclusion, through his story, I wanted to talk about being critical of the information that surrounds us.

 I'm glad of all the things I've learned in this journey. Thank you for your time!

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