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Cabin Exterior

Cabin Exterior

by Simic on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

First time working with forestpack, thought a good fit would be to make a cabin exterior like this.

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Cabin Exterior!

Its the first time i used forest pack, and what better way to learn but to make a grass field with a cabin and a pond. It took about 4 days to make and i was surprised how easy forest pack is to use. The interior is pretty simple with a cozy but modern style.

The process was pretty simple: I made 3 trains in Cinema 4D, then found an angle i liked. I got most of the plants from Megascans and started categorising them into Tall grass, smaller grass, bushes and so on, then scattered them with forest pack in categories. I then made the cabin and road.
The road took some time because i wanted moss and grass at the edges and tracks displaced from the bike.

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