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The Flamingo Witch - 3D Art

The Flamingo Witch - 3D Art

Belén Amat
by belenamat on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Project in which I had to create a render that ressembled as close as possible a concept art of our choice. I chose N. Kim's illustration specially because it had various elements that could make me test and improve my skills, including being able to get the mood of the concept.

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Project in which I recreated a 2D Concept Art on 3D, with the idea to match it as close as possible to the original.
The concept art is by Nadia Kim.

Process of the project. I first started with very simple shapes to be able to recreate the camera shot, position of the objects, and lighting. Then, I iterated on those shapes.
To end the project, I did compositing on Photoshop to be able to get the exact look I wanted.

I am very thankfull to my supervisors at Think Tank and my classmates, for helping me so much during this.

Software used: Maya, Mudbox, Mari, Photoshop.

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