Game Development Projects

Game Development Projects

Oliver Rotter
by OliverRotter on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hey, my name is Oliver, I am Game Designer and Developer, currently studying game design @CGSpectrum College of Digital Arts and Animation. For this entry I like to show you the two main solo projects I did in the 6 months of study @CGSpectrum.

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Game Project "Spectral" 

What is the game about? - Dark souls-like combat and dark fantasy themes. One of my goals with this project is to catch this vibe and atmosphere. To design a game that translates all this through gameplay and visual appearance. The other goal is to learn more about game development in every way I can. My main passion is game design, but so is my Love to learn and dive into the different fields of game development, especially because they are so interconnected with each other. That is why I think it is a valuable skill to have some knowledge of the different areas of game development. 

What does this game project entail? - The current state of the game project entails the following features and aspects.

-Level Design "Castle Midnight"

- Playable Level with 3 different areas.

- Playable Character

- Variety of Enemies with different Models and AI Patterns.

How did I build this and what was my approach?

In the 4 months of work on this project, a lot of things changed at this timeframe. As it is usual in a developing project, the design, and scope of the project change. That's why from the start my main design aspect for this project was to design it in a modular iterative way, so I can flexibly change the project depending on the situation and frame to work in. That´s how I managed to finish the presentable work for this entry.

What Assets & Plugins did I implement into my project?

If you asked yourself if I made all the assets myself or ask yourself what code I implemented in my project. I provide a full list of all the assets and plugins I used in the project at the end of this article. 

Gameplay Trailer

Level Flytrough

Character & Enemy Showreel

Level Environment Shots

Level Design Documents & Illustrations

Environment Design -

"Hunters Mountain Cabin" 



Special Thanks

Thanks to all the people in my life that support me on my journey. 

Thanks to my mentor Scot Bayless and all the amazing people @CGSpectrum. 

Thanks to all the awesome developer's @Epic Games for providing Unreal Engine and thanks to all the content creators who create these awesome assets. Without them, this projects wouldn´t be the same!

List of assets and their creators used in the two projects.

Dynamic Combat System – GregS
Advanced Locomotion System V4 – LongMireLocomtion
Lordenfel – Mana Sation
Various Assets – Maxim Bugrimov
Ultra Dynamic Sky – Everett Gunther
Knight Errant – Shao Khan
Viking Village – Leartes Studio
Various Assets – Dary Palasky
Longsword Animations – Kubold
Brushify – Joe garth
Various assets – Epic Games
Various assets - Megascans

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